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We share the vision of a world in which sensory impaired children and young people enjoy the same rights, opportunities, responsibilities, fulfilment and quality of life as their able-bodied peers.
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Giving Romania’s vulnerable and disadvantaged 
sensory impaired children a brighter future

Welcome to the Light into Europe web site.

Light into Europe’s objective is to help the Romanian sensory disadvantaged children and young people to improve their lives, to expand their possibilities and to become active and accepted members of the Romanian society.

Light into Europe started in 1986 with medical and humanitarian projects across Europe.  Since 2004, we focused our efforts on developing support for two Cinderella groups: the sight impaired and the hearing impaired.

Official facts and figures:


The statistics above represent data provided by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education – and are widely accepted as an under-representation.


As the Romanian government continues its’ efforts to develop improved social services for the general population, the sensory impaired are a neglected demographic that have received very little support and assistance.  Facilities providing services are old fashioned and under-equipped.  The educational system has yet to respond to the needs of sensory impaired; education materials are lacking and/or non-existent.  As a result of a non-adapted curriculum, young Romanians are offered limited life prospects and opportunities.

Light into Europe is committed to implementing projects, providing services, and directly reaching beneficiaries to help overcome the many challenges faced by sensory impaired individuals in Romania today.  


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